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We have worked hard behind the scenes rebranding and designing the new style for our client for at least a year. They wanted a modern, feminine, and strong logo representing their vision.


After exploring various options, we ultimately had to drop the initial concepts and analyze the significance of the WEDC Foundation. From this, the idea of the butterfly emerged.


The jewel tones symbolized their color combination, while the butterfly's flow depicted motion. Incorporating the "wedc" script's flow into the butterfly design made the word "Foundation" stand out more prominently.


We wanted the butterfly itself to stand alone and represent the icon of the WEDC Foundation design. Breaking down a logo is one the best ways to see it in various ways, so you recognize the brand no matter how it represents it in print or copy.


Various design concepts were used in this model depending on the branding needed for the client.


We are very excited to be part of their rebranding and style! Thank you for the opportunity to express our creativity with the WEDC Foundation.


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Social Media Branding

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Fractional Marketing

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