Meet Nicole

At Designed By Carla, we strive to build a team worthy of your business. Our most recent addition to the DBC family is no exception.

Nicole Boonin graduated Cum Laude from Pace University and has excelled in management roles early in life. Nicole proves herself daily, not only being a team player, but building team confidence as well.


Inspired by her mother's sacrifices and support, Nicole pursued this field because “Marketing has always been interesting to me. Finding ways to satisfy a need and to represent companies for what they truly stand for and what they strive to accomplish for their customers. I enjoy being in the middle and getting people engaged and engaging with people, making a company relatable.”  When asked how she’s been successful so far building professional relationships, Nicole responded “My advantage is that I’ve learned to be assertive, confident, and open to consistent learning through my experiences. I’ve learned to adapt and focus on professionalism first, personal feelings later.”


Contact Nicole today and find out more about how she and DesignedByCarla can help your business succeed!

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