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Increase Your Organic Reach with Hashtags on Facebook

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Increase Your Organic Reach with Hashtags on Facebook

Increase Your Organic Reach with Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags can be found on most social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and... Facebook! The Facebook teams recently announced that using hashtags can improve the visibility of your posts! This article will see why Facebook hashtags are interesting and how to use them to gain visibility.

The Importance of Facebook Hashtags

Facebook hashtags appeared in 2013 and were updated in 2016. Until then, Facebook recently sent a notification to people publishing on the platform, emphasizing that it is possible to gain visibility by adding hashtags to publications.

So if you are questioning if hashtags still have a place on Facebook and if they even work, the answer is a definite "yes."

Some studies show that using hashtags in publications can increase engagement by more than 10%. Hashtags are an additional way to connect with your audience when used in a serious, humorous, or trendsetting way.

How to use Facebook hashtags to gain visibility?

To find consistent and popular hashtags in your topic, you can use the search bar, add a "#," and type in your keyword. For example, if you are posting cooking posts, you can enter the #foodie. You will then see all posts published with this Facebook hashtag. Also, you can create your own associated "#" that references your business.

When you're writing your text on the platform, add a "#" and enter your keyword. The top suggestions will be shown when you enter your keyword to give you an idea.

As for the number of hashtags to use on Facebook, we advise you to perform tests. Experts recommend using only one hashtag. It is important to remember that the algorithm considering the hashtags on Instagram is not the same on Facebook. Using 15 hashtags on a 100-character post will not improve your engagement and sting the person's eyes who will see the post on their Feed.

To conclude, it is essential to include a hashtag on your next Facebook posts. Its use will allow you to be referenced and improve your engagement. To find popular hashtags, use the search bar or suggestions when writing the post. Start by using just one and then test it to see how many hashtags are appropriate for your community and how they perform best.

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