Targeting Your Google Adwords

January 21, 2017



Google Adwords is a great way to create web traffic, especially for new sites trying to develop web presence. What many site owners don't realize is how many tools Google offers for targeting your Adwords campaigns.


Google Adwords allows you to target ads geographically, even down to specific city areas or counties. This is especially beneficial to local businesses or businesses whose target market tends to cluster in specific areas. For instance, a retail site can target its ad presence to its local market.


Additionally, a site selling water sports equipment or watercraft can restrict its advertising to waterfront or coastal regions. Another use is to target a specific area during a special event, such as a tradeshow or convention. A pet supply company might increase its budget and increase its ads for a city in which a national dog show is being held.


Another tool for targeting ads and increase conversion for Google Adwords is negative keywords. Negative keywords can be applied at both the campaign level and to specific ad groups. Careful use of negative keywords can sharpen the focus of an Adwords campaign and allow the site owner to eliminate wasted clicks. A good example would be a site catering to exotic pets such as reptiles. By utilizing "cats" and "dogs" as negative keywords the site owner could better target customers searching "pet supplies" or "pet food".


Especially for a new site still accumulating Page Rank and not yet ranking for its chosen keywords, Google Adwords is a flexible tool for increasing a site's web presence. Beyond the important first step of choosing keywords there are many useful tools for getting the most impact from an Adwords campaign.



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