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Meet Stefanie Green

Stefanie Green, a passionate individual, completed her Public Relations degree from Southern Adventist University in December 2023. Her dedication to her studies was evident as she balanced her academic commitments with an internship at Designedbycarla. During this time, she managed several clients, providing them with innovative ideas and resources, a testament to her creativity and commitment to her work. 


Stefanie Green, a dedicated member of the Designedbycarla team, operates from both Huntsville and Chattanooga. Her strategic mindset, excellent collaboration skills, and unwavering creativity are evident in every project she undertakes. Her contributions to the team are not only valued but also instrumental to the company's success.


Stefanie is a travel enthusiast with a particular fondness for the city of Madrid. She is an artist at heart and finds solace in pottery and other creative projects. Her love for writing is evident, and she loves engaging with people from diverse backgrounds. She has lived in three different countries, which has broadened her perspective and given her a unique outlook on life. Stefanie is also fluent in Spanish, which enables her to connect with a wider audience.

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