What Our Clients Say

Mike Bean, PassionHR

"I have had the honor and privilege of having Carla and her team support and promote PassionHR Consulting. We have been amazed at how she has allowed my company to have an expanded online footprint. I have been told countless times that my company has great social media presence. I attribute my success to what Carla does for PassionHR! Looking forward to continued success and a long term professional relationship with Carla and her team!"

Debbie McGee, PZI International

"Carla is amazing at taking our vision and making it a reality. She really gets what we are trying to accomplish and determines the best way forward for our social media. Love working with her and wouldn't even consider going anywhere else."

Helene Scott, Florida Dog Training

"Carla is very good at marketing different types of businesses. With DBC guiding you, your sales will definitely increase. She has an excellent understanding of her customer’s wants and needs. In addition, her company cares more than most other marketing companies about your business’s success!"