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Think of me as your go-to expert for all things marketing and design. I've got you covered!

As a seasoned SEO Developer with over 25 years of experience in building the Designedbycarla organization and the digital marketing industry, I have enjoyed the opportunity to build small to mid-sized businesses into productive and successful companies over the years.

Honestly, there is nothing that I have not witnessed in the changing world of marketing. It's time to share my knowledge so you can enjoy building your business. 

I do not make promises or guarantee any specific results, but I can help you identify the marketing components that are missing from your business and can improve your online presence. Quick fixes may not solve all your problems, but paying attention to the details that you may have overlooked can make a significant difference.


My Story

Behind the Years

I am proud to be a Troy State University with a degree in Computer Information Science and a minor in Accounting and Business Information; my first job was building computers, servers, and software implementation. I was the only female technician at Llyod's Computer, and he gave me the opportunity when no one else would open their doors to a woman. His family-owned business provided me with the tools and knowledge I have utilized over the years. It helped me understand that I possess a technical insight that other technicians overlook. 

I have broadened my expertise in developing and programming by creating websites using different tools like Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Macromedia. I have also built multiple online databases from scratch as website templates were unavailable. This experience has helped me acquire SEO, SEM, and PPC skills, which have been beneficial in expanding businesses even before the popularity of social media.

“A large part of my inspiration comes from my father, who was incredibly business savvy and drew from a combination of technical and creative marketing skills. At the heart of Designedbycarla’s success was taking those lessons and recognizing that building a partnership with clients includes excellent customer service, trust, and, above all, honesty. I place value in understanding my clients’ businesses thoroughly to help you relate and grow.” - Carla

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I enjoy collaborating with my clients to enhance their online marketing strategies while providing them with insights into their customers' behavior and their company's position in the market. I have designed and implemented multiple websites, branding, logos, and social media platforms for various businesses throughout my career. Many of these companies have continued to sell and thrive, some even becoming international corporations. It's incredible to reflect on how much time has passed, but I am grateful to be part of this exciting marketing journey.

Interior Design

One-on-On Advisor

Get the Marketing Advise You Need

A marketing advisor is the ultimate authority on all things marketing. They provide businesses with expert guidance and strategic advice to help them increase their online presence and maximize their profits. Our mastery of market research and analysis of online strategies and trends enables us to understand your target audience better than anyone else. We will work with you to develop effective marketing strategies that will help you reach your desired outcomes.

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a success story. 

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