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Does Hashtags Increase Your Organic Reach?

Does Hashtags Increase Your Organic Reach?
Does Hashtags Increase Your Organic Reach?

When you include relevant and popular hashtags in your posts, you're more likely to be seen by users searching for or following those hashtags. For example, if you use a hashtag like #SocialMediaWeek2024 in a relevant post, someone searching for that hashtag could end up on your content without even following your page. 

Here are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram as of May 2024:

  • Love: 2.1 billion posts

  • Instagood: 1.7 billion posts

  • Fashion: 1.1 billion posts

  • Photooftheday: 1 billion posts

  • Photography: 1 billion posts

  • Beautiful: 833 million posts

  • Nature: 798 million posts

  • Travel: 717 million posts

Every day, the search bar is utilized millions of times, making it a valuable space for being discovered through popular hashtags related to your subject matter. In addition, research indicates that incorporating hashtags in posts can result in over a 10% increase in audience engagement. Whether used to convey seriousness and humor or to set trends, hashtags serve as an effective means to further connect with your audience.

How do you use hashtags to gain visibility?

To find consistent and popular hashtags in your topic, you can use the search bar, add a " #," and type in your keyword. For example, if you post cooking posts, you can enter the #foodie.

The number of hashtags you should use on social media depends on the platform:

  • Instagram: Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, Instagram's Creators account recommends using 3–5. A March 2022 report from Statista found that posts with 2–4 hashtags had the highest engagement rate. However, one experiment found that Instagram Reels with 30 hashtags performed best.

  • Facebook: Use 2–3 hashtags.

  • Twitter: Use 1–2 hashtags.

  • LinkedIn: Use 3–5 hashtags.

  • YouTube: Use 3–5 hashtags, though the official limit is 15.

  • Pinterest: Use 2–5 hashtags.

  • TikTok: Use 3–5 hashtags. 

tips for using hashtags on social media
tips for using hashtags on social media

So, when you write your publication on the platform, add a "#" and enter your keyword.

When you enter your keyword, suggestions will appear to give you ideas! It is important to remember that the algorithm that considers hashtags on Instagram differs from that on Facebook. Using 15 hashtags on a 100-character post will not improve your engagement and will sting the eyes of those who see the post on their feed!

Use the search bar or suggestions when writing the post to find popular hashtags. Start by using just one, then test it to see how many hashtags are appropriate for your community and how they perform best.

Here are some tips for using hashtags on social media:

  • Use specific hashtags.

  • Capitalize the first letter of each word.

  • Monitor competitors and social media influencers.

  • Analyze which hashtags have been successful in past posts.

  • Use hashtag tracking tools to see if a hashtag is trending.

And there you have it: hashtags still provide the organic reach you need for your business. So, create a cheat sheet of favorites for your social media to reference before posting; this way, you spend less time searching. #smartmarketing

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