How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website
How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

There are over six billion websites on the internet. That number seems astronomical and a little intimidating for anyone trying to get noticed online. Whether you are an e-commerce site looking to increase your sales, a business trying to compete, or host a blog and want to boost your ad sales. We have a few methods for you to drive traffic to your site to increase clicks every day. Below we cover a few tried and true ways to boost the number of visitors to your website.

Strategy 1: Leverage Pinterest and YouTube

We are all well aware of the Google search power, but other platforms are just as good search engines. Pinterest and YouTube are two of the internet’s largest search engines and the leveraged to get your website in front of potential customers or clients.

Three hundred thirty-five million people use Pinterest every month. The platform delivers content across various industries and can be a resource for anyone looking for anything from auto parts to travel tips. YouTube operates in much the same way but with two billion monthly users. Finding success on either platform starts with identifying important keywords that fall within your niche and can get you found. A little keyword research goes a long way and can help you pinpoint keywords and topics competitors target. Your goal is to expand on those and compete with long-tail keywords.

Strategy 2: Social Media Marketing

As marketers and business owners, there is no denying the importance of a social media presence in driving sales. Content marketing and paid ads can be catalysts for website traffic. Here are a few ways to increase clicks to your site from social platforms:

  • Contribute high-quality articles to LinkedIn’s publishing platform

  • Make sure your Instagram bio is optimized and includes a link to your site. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your posts, too. Influencer marketing on Instagram is also a viable option if it is within your marketing budget.

  • Lastly, with the faithful battle-tested Facebook Ads, websites can boost traffic with well-targeted and engaging ads for their audiences.

Strategy 3: Online Forums

A quick search on Reddit or Quora for topics related to your niche can result in a wealth of opportunity to engage with people already interested in what you do. An important tip, though, when using these forums is to not approach the comments section in a way that could make your website look spammy. Avoid comments such as “check out my website” or “visit my website to learn more.” Instead, provide thoughtful answers to questions users pose, and let them know you found the solution on your website.

Reddit can function in much the same way; make sure you respect the rules of whatever relevant subreddit you find yourself in at that time. If your “reddiquette” isn’t up to par, your posts could be flagged and taken down, and your hard work will be for nothing. Another option is to start your subreddit and create engaging content to increase clicks to your site.