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Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 122

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 122
Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 122


1. Re-Evaluate Your Target Market! When you think of your customer, who do you think of? Is it a woman in her 30's, unmarried, and enjoys yoga? Or is it a 54-year-old man looking to expand his business, married, and enjoys playing golf on the weekends? Either way, you have to know who your customer is so you can build a marketing strategy around this person. Remember, we're not talking to everyone, we're talking to YOUR customer. 2. Choose A Social Media Platform That Works Best For Your Business! Now, if you don't know, then we've got to tell you- different social media platforms reflect different people. Looking to connect more B2B? Consider promoting on Facebook. Are you a software provider? Look into Linkedin. We're here to get the best bang for your buck! So let's not waste it on platforms your audience isn't even on.

3. Invest In A Social Media Marketing Strategy! Social media is not a side hustle- it's part of your marketing campaign. Although we use social media for personal use, it doesn't mean the business part of it overlaps in the same way.

  • Work with your team to set up a marketing budget.

  • Plan ahead. Set up your posting and promotional ideas ahead of time.

  • Set measurable goals for the next 3 months.

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