Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 122

Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 122


1. Re-Evaluate Your Target Market! When you think of your customer, who do you think of? Is it a woman in her 30's, unmarried, and enjoys yoga? Or is it a 54-year-old man looking to expand his business, married, and enjoys playing golf on the weekends? Either way, you have to know who your customer is so you can build a marketing strategy around this person. Remember, we're not talking to everyone, we're talking to YOUR customer. 2. Choose A Social Media Platform That Works Best For Your Business! Now, if you don't know, then we've got to tell you- different social media platforms reflect different people. Looking to connect more B2B? Consider promoting on Facebook. Are you a software provider? Look into Linkedin. We're here to get the best bang for your buck! So let's not waste it on platforms your audience isn't even on. 3. Invest In A Social Media Marketing Strategy! Social media is not a side hustle- it's part of your marketing campaign. Although we use social media for personal use, it doesn't mean the business part of it overlaps in the same way. Take the time to sit down and brainstorm with your marketing team on how you can really make social media work for your small business! Ideas include:

  • Work with your team to set up a marketing budget.

  • Plan ahead. Set up your posting and promotional ideas ahead of time.

  • Set measurable goals for the next 3 months.

Have A Great Weekend! Nicole


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