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Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 110

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 110


1. Connect With Friends Again! We've spent a lot of time apart physically, but with everything going on, we may have also emotionally disconnected from our friends. So this is a friendly reminder to safely connect with your friends and reminisce again!

2. Get Comfortable With Linkedin! Being professional doesn't have to be boring! Our work environment is more colorful, innovative, diverse, and creative than ever. So start getting well-versed in Linkedin as they're about to introduce Linkedin Stories into the mix!

3. Reflect On Your Failures! Ah, failure. No one likes to think of themselves this way and every person handles it differently, but why does it have to be a bad thing? Start looking at the positive aspects of failing- and let's see some results!

Have a Great Weekend!


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