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Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 105

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 105


1. Continue Practicing Self-Care! You’d be surprised at how adding a little more physical activity may enable you to enjoy the hobbies you really love more, like gardening or playing outside with loved ones! Listen to what Rebecca Dotson of Stronghold Fitness is saying about the health benefits of exercising! 2. Keep Your Website Updated! Today, every page of a site is a potential find for the client, and with so much competition online, it has become even more important to structure every page like a home page. You can utilize our checklist to make sure your website is easy to find! 3. Think About Pinterest! Pinterest alone has added 32 million new users within the first quarter of 2020 alone! Consider learning more about how Pinterest works to see if this fits your business strategy! Have a Great Weekend! Designedbycarla

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