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The best marketing tips for your business during COVID-19

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The Best Marketing Tips for your Business during COVID-19

Let's face it, with the COVID-19 pandemic at large all around the world, these may seem like unprecedented times for your business. And for many local companies, this may very well be the biggest hurdle to be faced so far.

While these are hard times that come with a series of struggles and concerns, the truth is that this pandemic doesn't have to mean the halt or end of your business. Many companies have endured pandemics and hard times that have happened before COVID-19, coming out even more influential in the end.

We're not medical gurus, but we are proud experts when it comes to revolutionizing and future-proofing businesses to withstand the times– including COVID-19.

Today, let's take a look at five great tips to help you strengthen your marketing strategy during these challenging times so that your business can continue to thrive and outshine the competition.

#1: Be sensitive to the times.

It's no secret that we are in uncertain times. The COVID-19 virus is extremely contagious and unpredictable, infecting thousands every single day. Because most people are concerned about this pandemic, you need to review and scan all of your marketing material to make sure that nothing can come off as insensitive or tone deaf about the topic. For example, urging people to travel soon, promoting group events, or eating out.

#2: Aim to be helpful.

Since more people than ever are staying home and scouring the internet for information and entertainment, one of the best ways you can strengthen your marketing strategy is to be helpful in these unprecedented times. For starters, it may be helpful to provide a few resources for customers to learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic relates to your business and how your customer is responding.

From there, you can market material or products that would be uniquely informative for your potential customers. Offering a new learning course that is entirely remote and self-paced, for example, is an ideal way to meet your customers’ needs while they’re homebound

#3: Listen to your audience and respond.

This is something you should be doing actively anyway, but now more than ever, it's vital that you listen to your audience and get involved in the conversation. People are attached to their devices as of late, so you should be present as well.

Some great ways to join the conversation–or lead it–include being active in Facebook groups, asking questions on your Instagram posts, replying to comments and questions, and engaging in casual conversations on Twitter. Being an active voice in the community is a free and easy way to boost your brand presence and influence.

#4: Only offer accurate information.

In today's world, being first tends to be prioritized more than being accurate. Since COVID-19 is a very sensitive topic and deals with people's well-being, it is very important that any information you put out is accurate. If you release marketing material with false information, it is a surefire way to lose a lot of credibility in these times.

#5: Be authentic and human.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of the fact that we are all human, feeling the full spectrum of emotions; and we are all in this together. After all, this pandemic affects every single one of us, no matter where we come from.

As you plan your marketing material during these times, one of the best things you can do is speak in an authentic and human voice. Rather than being robotic and overly professional, people will appreciate a voice that is genuine and speaks to the human condition. We're all in this together, and let your audience see that there are real human beings behind your brand will only help you to earn their trust.

Frustrated with your marketing? Feeling stuck? Our team at Designedbycarla can help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level with our expertise. If you're ready to begin, reach out to our team today. We're excited to help!

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