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The Potential of Just a Few Minutes

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

The Potential of Just a Few Minutes

What if you took a few minutes to accomplish a marketing plan? Sometimes, what matters the most is what you do with the "in-between" time. I'm not saying you have to climb the highest mountain to feel accomplished, but most entrepreneurs feel like they are stalling after completing a big project.

The truth is when it comes to planning marketing strategies, most business owners get stuck at this stage. You have to reclaim the "in-between" times to feel more in control of your business. We all have the feeling of stress and anxiety, and it's not about surviving 2020; it's about reclaiming it! If you want to get ahead, prepare your week, sit down, and regroup your thoughts on what is essential to your business. Because here's the thing… success is not an accident.

"One key to success is to have lunch at the time of the day most people have breakfast. "~Robert Brault.

Understanding the internal and external factors of your company can make you feel more accomplished. Sitting down and focusing on the marketing goals for each month and breaking it into smaller goals can be more productive.

Here are a few ideas to utilize your "in-between" times in marketing.

1) Complete an "ideal list" for the month. Arrange your ideas for marketing in smaller targets, whether it's adding new followers on social media or getting more inquiries on your website. Know your monthly goals.

2) Set up a theme or focus on a product for each month so you can direct your goals. This way, you get ahead of the game in marketing. Then you will know what will work for your business. Remember, we are not trying to sell everything at one time, including the kitchen sink.

3) Complete a S.W.O.T. Analysis for your company even if you're a one-person show. This analysis is a healthy way of reviewing your external and internal business to summarize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Learn how Designedbycarla performs these for our successful clients.

4) Take a time-out to write out your ideas or take five minutes in the morning and prepare your day. Have a book by your desk for the "in-between" times, to read a few pages. Here is a great reference article for you:

5) Create a realistic marketing budget for your business. Most businesses don't even have one or don't know how to plan a budget. When you design one for every quarter, it gets easier to understand what is working for your online business.

Finding a balance is essential, and if you're feeling burnt-out or over-stressed, take a moment to find your "in-between" times that work for your business. Align your goals and marketing plan, so you keep your strategies in-focus for the year.

We build your business online with marketing ideas that work for you. Designedbycarla has been a part of the online marketing industry for over 19 years and specialized in many aspects of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. We are an experienced marketing & consulting company based in Huntsville, Alabama, and specialists in niche marketing. We appreciate working with small to medium-size businesses to build an excellent partnership with our clients to understand their business thoroughly. Meet Our Team

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