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VCDA Website and Video Development

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Case Scenario: Veteran's Disability Claims Assistance (VDCA), a local veteran-owned business, wanted to branch out and develop a connection with disabled veterans. They want to help them through the process of the application form.

Our Process: Designedbycarla Marketing created and provided the storytelling video to strengthen the message for the client in a video format. We set up the behind-the-scenes, lighting, script, and b-roll video to build his story on camera and create the transitions.

VDCA Website and Video Development

Who is VDCA You served bravely in the armed forces and are now dealing with a disabling injury, illness, or condition that started during your service. Regardless of your condition, we will do our best to personally assist you or get you to a well-respected agent that has your best interest at heart. We can't promise specific outcomes, but you can rest assured our team will use our expertise and experience to your advantage. Again welcome to our family, and we look forward to serving you and your family.

Meet Command Sergeant Major (RET), Mark Gerecht

As a Service-Disabled Veteran, I know the struggles associated with the claims process. Hello, I'm Command Sergeant Major, retired Mark Gerecht. Appealing your Veteran's Disability Claim is stressful, and the paperwork can be lengthy. However, our Veterans Disability Claims Assistance is owned and operated by veterans like you. We are not a typical veteran disability claim assistance, but we welcome you with open arms to our veteran Family.

Visit their website for more information:

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