Want to “blow up” your original online presence as a small business, what is the best path forward?

Welcome to our Learn Something New Series, where you can submit a question of the week and the DBC team gets to answer it. So our question of the week comes from Lori Fischer from Just Imagin Coach & Consulting. You can follow her here on Facebook and on Instagram @JustImagineCoachingConsulting.

Her question of the week is - If you are an entrepreneur/small business and want to “blow up” all your original online presence, what would you suggest the best path forward? Keeping in mind you already have a social media and website presence with a following.

Let’s start with a check and balance with your business. You need to ask these three questions: what am I currently doing? what have I got planned for the business? And do I have a marketing strategy?

I’m going to suggest three steps to improve your marketing game. So get out pin and paper write these down.

Start with a Marketing Budget - I know this sounds hard when you’re starting out but this should be part of your marketing plan of action. Most businesses start a 6%- to-12% of their gross income and increase over time. There is a difference between organic and paid when trying to push your business in front of your audience. You can’t always rely on family and friends to buy your product and services. You have to advertise to get in front of those that don’t know your business. Every year, re-elevate what is working and not working so you can plan for better advertising in areas that give you the best leads for your business.

Write Content - Developing new content for your website, creates links and those links are crawled and indexed by Google. This helps your organic positioning “that’s the word again”, this is healthy for your website. You can update existing content by adding new paragraphs, expand your product or services or write niche marketing with your blog or articles. You can then share this information on your social media platforms which creates referrals links back to your website.

Hire a Consultant - You may not a big marketing budget yet! So hiring a web marketing consultant is a smart investment. Why? Because this means you still in control of your project but getting the guidance you need to push forward. A Marketing Consultant can give you the data you need and create a marketing plan for improvements that you may have overlooked. They can help you be more productive and hold you accountable for your business goals. And having an extra set of eyes on your project is always helpful.

In closing: Starting a business is a challenge especially when you’re being pulled in many different directions so you’re always having to be on top of your game when it comes to marketing.

So that is our question of the week here on Learn Something New Series. Don’t forget to Like, follow and support our local businesses because, without them, we are not successful. See you next time.


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