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What are the best marketing strategies to attract the right customer?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Welcome to our Learn Something New Series, where you can submit a question of the week and the DBC team gets to answer it. So our question of the week comes from Melissa McCutcheon from Melissa's Mobile Massage. You can follow her here on Facebook and on Instagram by searching Melissa’s Mobile Massage. Her question of the week is - What are the best marketing strategies to attract the right customer and not the wrong type of customer?

So today we are going to review the best way to target your audience. When you target the right audience, you will likely reach the right customer that is interested in your products and services. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to appeal to everyone. Once you set a routine, it will become easier to set up your marketing strategies.

You can always write a brand persona which is a person that identifies with your brand. Personas are like fictional characters that identify with your real customer. This usually includes personal characteristics, lifestyle, professional information, or engagement in your social media. So basically, what your customer should look like if they were buying from you.

You can also, define your audience by asking a few of the following questions. You don’t have to dig into too much data to define your audience. I’m going to bore you with too much data or insights today. I’m going to give you simple rules to build your audience. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. How to build trust with your audience? - You set the rules of engagement. When you have finally launched your website and your building your social media, pay attention to who is engaging in the beginning. Make sure you are engaging with the right type of audience. Create a quick list of your audience so you follow the guidelines. If you are not getting the right audience, try targeting ads to locate those that are searching for based on your criteria.

  2. What is the benefit of your product? Promote your services to target the right audience, be specific to your customer needs. Instead of just using “massage” as an overall term, use something “sports massage” to get the right message to your audience. When your specific, it to your niche, it helps get the message out to the right customer.

  3. What can draw the wrong customer? You can learn a lot about your business when you have the wrong type of customer. This means your message is not clear enough or you are not being specific to your business. You are in control of what services that you provide and if it doesn’t fit your criteria, then you need to change your message or be more specific to your audience. It’s ok to say no if they don’t fit your business outline. Not every customer is a client and not every sale is going to be your target audience. Finding the right clients takes time and so it may take bumps in the road to get your message in front of that perfect consumer.

So that is our question of the week here on Learn Something New Series. Don’t forget to Like, follow and support our local businesses because, without them, we are not successful. See you next time.

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