Six Steps to Building a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

Six Steps to Building a Successful Employee Advocacy Program
Six Steps to Building a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

Regardless of whether you run a multi-million dollar corporation or a week-old food truck business, gaining a trustworthy reputation and a strong social presence are things that you absolutely must invest time and money into.

While you might think that posting a daily selfie of you in the office will do the trick, that is far from enough. Even if you produce great content and post frequently, cutting through the crowd and making your mark can still be quite a task.

Indeed, a great marketing strategy is absolutely essential. You must create great content, engage with your audience, attract new potential customers, earn their trust, rinse, and repeat. Sure, there are many great marketing tools available (such as email marketing, social media marketing, etc.) that will help boost your online presence. However, they usually cost a fair amount of money.

This is where having a great employee advocacy program comes into play. These programs are by far one of the best yet underutilized strategies to grow a strong social presence naturally.

If you’ve never heard of such a thing, no worries – we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at what an employee advocacy program is anyway, and how to build one successfully.

What is an Employee Advocacy Program?

Six Steps to Building a Successful Employee Advocacy Program

In short, employee advocacy is when employees become influencers for a company, promoting its products, culture, and offerings to friends and family.

When you create an employee advocacy program, you’re essentially turning your employees into brand ambassadors/influencers, who in turn promote the brand to their social connections on social media and in person.

This, in turn, allows you to reach an audience that you would’ve had to pay to reach otherwise (in the form of Facebook ads, for example). While ads are great for growing your brand’s audience, the best form of advertisement for any company is when people casually recommend your brand/service to their friends and family. It takes away the need for you to build trust and authority.

How to Build an Employee Advocacy Program