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How Designedbycarla Plans to Utilize Generative AI

How Designedbycarla Plans to Utilize Generative AI
How Designedbycarla Plans to Utilize Generative AI

As the line between human and synthetic content continues to blur, people seek clarity on where the boundary lies. It made me question how Designedbycarla plans to utilize Generative AI tools. 

Marketing agencies should always be transparent about using content generation tools, including video and other creatives. Clients must know the authenticity and creativity of our content, which is why complete disclosures are necessary. Our clients trust us to deliver high-quality work; transparency is essential to maintaining that trust.

Many individuals come across an AI-generated range for the first time and have expressed a desire for transparency regarding this new technology. Or there are rules that we can only use these programs if the type of business we work on differs. 

The success of any business depends on building a relationship of trust with its customers. 

Notably, AI tools are increasingly available and utilized by several marketing agencies. As a result, the market has begun to shift, and we expect to see more regulations shortly. I appreciate the efforts to label the creatives being used, as it allows for greater transparency.

Generative AI


Meta has recently introduced watermarks to its image content with the help of the Imagine with Meta AI tool. This innovative approach enables the identification and labeling of AI-generated content. With this technology, Facebook, Instagram, and Threads users can post their AI-generated images while ensuring they are classified and labeled accurately. This new feature will provide a safer, more secure, and user-friendly experience.

OpenAI has announced that images created on ChatGPT and the OpenAI API using DALL-E 3 will now have watermarks. The company shared this in a post on X on Tuesday. The photos will now include metadata using C2PA specifications, a technical standard used by Adobe, Microsoft, BBC, and other companies and publishers to certify media content's source and history (or provenance). This initiative aims to address the prevalence of deepfakes and misinformation by ensuring the authenticity and origin of the media content.

Now that we see more transparency, how many people will continue using these tools? If you're wondering how I use AI, look at my AI policy - you'll probably see more of these on marketing agencies' websites. Hopefully, this will become the norm—another example of AI policy from WIRED, which inspired me to develop my AI policy. 

We have a long way to go, but this is a great start to keep the human in our creatives. 

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