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Case Study: A Local Site Redesign

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Classical Touch Detailing Website Redesign

Say hello to our client, Classical Touch Detailing's redesign!

Classical Touch Detailing

We had the pleasure of working with David and Cole Metcalf on the new website launch. The project's scope was to design a website that could expand and exceed their expectations. The father and son own and operate, with 20+ years of combined experience in the detailing industry. And we wanted to structure a site that showcased their work in the Huntsville area.

We reviewed business goals initially and designed ideas to meet their strategy outlines. This method provided insight into how to and the branding structure using SEO (search engine optimization) to create the site design. We wanted to connect with the potential client and build a website that navigates easily on a desktop and mobile.

After the site launch, we will strategize their social media platforms and build their business in the local area. We will highlight their work and customer service to include the quality of work that represents their business. We aim to continue branding and expanding their business in the Huntsville area.

Website Redesign for Classical Touch Detailing

About Classical Touch Detailing We are family owned and operated, with 20+ years of combined experience in the detailing industry. We center our business around one sole purpose: To provide outstanding customer service and quality-level work that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We understand that a vehicle or boat holds a lot more value than just transportation. It becomes a passion and part of you. We use only the best quality products to care for your prized possession. We also offer free consultation appointments to help educate you on what would be the best package to maximize the best results for your particular situation.

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