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Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 106

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 106


1. Back To Business! Like so many others, you've been experiencing some ups and downs in your business over the past few months. However, you persevered, thought outside the box, and have successfully adapted- congratulations! Stay consistent, stay focused. 2. Tell Your Story! You can create ads, run campaigns, put up billboards, use SEO strategy, the list goes on and on. However, having good storytelling ability is arguably one of the best– and most inexpensive– methods of growing your brand and your business! 3. Start Advertising Again! As businesses reopen, now is the perfect time to begin advertising again. Listen to what Carolyn Stephenson, Owner and Sales Director of Huntsville Business Journal and Huntsville Event Magazine, says about advertising here!

Have a Great Weekend! Designedbycarla

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