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Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 103

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Mini Marketing Ideas: Episode 103


1. Engage With Your Audience! Right now, more than ever, consumers are noting that engagement on brand social profiles is key. Surprisingly more-so than content quality, transparency, and even customer service! So let's engage and get ahead of the competition! Click here for some guidance on how to respond to your followers during this time.

2. Start Planning Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategy Now! We know it's impossible, at this stage, to fully understand just how significant the impact of coronavirus will be on how we live, how we interact, and how we engage with businesses moving forward. However, some new buying patterns might actually be long term- especially among our younger generations. Take a look at how Covid-19 has affected both Millenials and Gen Z buying patterns here and start brainstorming now!

3. Reevaluate Your Business! This is a great time to analyze your business' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats! It may be a little tough to truthfully recognize your organization's weaknesses and threats, but the goal is to address them and turn them into strengths and opportunities!

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