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Saying Goodbye To The Virtual Year 2020

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Carla Stiles, Designedbycarla

As someone who likes to find the positive, I can admit that 2020 was far from normal, even felt like we were living in a movie scene at times. Everything felt very unscripted and unnatural or at least that's my perspective. However, some of you learned to adjust from person to person networking to online essential ways to communicate. Creating make-shift offices in your living room or maybe your bathroom just to get business done. No pun intended! Maybe a few of you got your fill with the increase of webinars and zoom coffee meetups. Every day it seemed like a "Cracker Jack" surprise announcement with not knowing what was new and or going to happen. I still don't understand why we ate that stale popcorn just to get a tattoo surprise but we did. Oh, the memories that we will want to forget this past year! Or, maybe a few you hopefully learned a lot about your business and rode the roller coaster of the ups and downs. But if we had to leave a Google review for 2020, I'm sure most of you leave a one-star rating. ⭐

As we head into the New Year, I'm doubling my black eyes peas and eating my southern cornbread just to bring us all good luck 🍀 for 2021!

Sending you love and many blessing this New Year!

xoxo Carla 💖

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