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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Here's Five Tips to Get to Know Your New City

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Here's Five Tips to Get to Know Your New City

No matter where you live, it pays to be involved with your community.

Yes, even if you live in a small town where there’s nothing to do.

How do you start to get involved with your community? It may be more simple than you think!

Make a list of your interests.

This is possibly the hardest step - it’s always when we’re asked to list things we like that we suddenly draw a blank and can’t think of a single thing we like to do. But don’t worry! You can take as long as you want to create this list; it’s impossible to get involved in your community all in one day, after all.

Take time throughout the week.

Did you enjoy jamming out in your car during your commute? Add music to your list!

Did you finish reading a good book or listening to a new podcast? Add reading and learning to your list!

Did you enjoy spending time outside, on a walk, maybe gardening? Add the outdoors to your list!

Here's Five Tips to Get to Know Your New City

As you continue to add, we’ll be able to move to the next step.

Do some community research.

This is the step where you’ll start connecting your interests to activities available in your community.

If you had music on your list, see what kind of music venues your community offers. It may be something huge like an outdoor amphitheater (Huntsville is getting a new amphitheater in 2022!), or maybe your community’s local high school performs a musical each year.

You might have a local bar that does live music (does karaoke count?).

See what music options are available in your town by searching for something simple like “live music near me” or “shows near me.” You may find your favorite hangout place for 2022!

Set Goals

After you’ve made your list and done some research in your area, set some goals!

It’s best to start small. If you had reading on your list, try signing up for a library card! Then you can browse what your local library has to offer. A plus is they might even have a bulletin board with community happenings up.

If you’re still a little leary of getting out there, maybe try just going to a new local shop or restaurant once a week. You’ll get to know your way around a little more, and start to see what your community has to offer!

I recently went to Alabama Goods in Jones Valley to find some Christmas presents, it was truly a unique shop!

Dive in!

It might be intimidating at first, but honestly, the next step is to actually go to an event in your community!

I recently took my own dive and went to one of Botanica Huntsville’s events, Tacos N’ Terrariums, at Hops ‘N Guac at Campus 805. I was lucky enough to have a friend to go with me, and we had so much fun! We built our very own terrariums, and a bonus was the wonderful food!

The best part for me was I was able to get involved in one of my passions (plants) with a friend at an event hosted by a local plant shop. We were able to meet new people and bring home a fun terrarium, something we can enjoy for a long time!

Take Away

As said before, you can’t become involved with your community overnight, it takes small steps to get to where you want to be.

Once you’ve tried all the above steps, rinse and repeat with each new interest you find! You’ll feel more at home where you live and might even surprise yourself with what you find.

Every journey you’ve ever taken has started with one step, so get your foot out the door and get into your community! Designedbycarla

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