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Sunday Morning Coffee

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Sunday Morning Coffee

Happy November 1st! We are so thankful to share this new day with you! Last night we still celebrated Halloween with safety in mind for all the little trick n' treaters. My sidekick loves wearing her little tutu for her favorite time of the year. She gets all the love and attention of her neighborhood even though she looks like a little bear and maybe a bit scary to some people. She is my best friend with the biggest heart, which brings me to my Sunday Morning Coffee with you. This morning, the thought came to mind when you're misjudged or misunderstood just because you are building a dream. How do you explain your hard work? "You will never truly understand the struggles of another person." Success is not an easy path, but we would not be in business if we genuinely didn't believe in our dreams. Supporting each other is one of the strongest bonds we can build. Maybe not everyone understands why you put so many hours in the day or why you don't always have time to take days off. Remember success is YOUR measurement, not what others ~think~ xoxox Carla

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