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What Does Success Look Like

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

What Does Success Look Like

Meet Karen, owner of Sawdust & Sage
Meet Karen, owner of Sawdust & Sage

Wherever I go, I enjoy meeting people who share their success stories.

On my recent trip to Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, I met a fabulous, strong, fierce businesswoman named Karen.

I bought this unique art piece that just spoke to me when I visited her shop. But the back story is even better. It was the mother and son team that was the inspiration. She left her full-time corporate job and invested all her time in helping her son, Tyler, who has Autism, develop his professional business.

She recognized that his woodwork used uncycled pallet wood had potential. They now design and sell Barn Quilts using his skill her creativity.

Now you may ask why I am telling you this story and why it does matter. First, you never know who you support and why supporting small businesses is essential. Plus, I got this fantastic art piece to remind me why it's vital to know their love for what they do.

Success is not what you make of; it tells a story. About Sawdust & Sage Palletwood is creatively repurposed into rustic furniture and another urban farmhouse decor for homes and gardens. We are Karen and Tyler, a mother and son team, making everything from small seasonal items like Christmas Tree boxes and holiday signs to upcycled pallet wood barn quilts, benches, chairs, and tables. He is the SAWDUST, and I am the SAGE.

Our exploration into this venture started when Tyler turned ten years old, and we decided homeschooling was how we wanted to live and learn. We believe that everyone has a gift. While embracing Tyler's skills, we discovered he was good at making things. Teaching ourselves through different projects and tools, we found that we were both enjoy the creative process.

In 2017, it was clear that this was Tyler's gift. As we practiced and leaned together, Tyler's pallet furniture business became very successful, then we branched out into other farmhouse-style items. We hope you enjoy browsing the store and find something you love to support our family business inspired by our love of learning, acceptance, individuality, and passion. Let us build something special for you. Follow Sawdust & Sage

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