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Why Checking Your Social Media Marketing Metrics Is Important

Why Checking Your Social Media Marketing Metrics Is Important
Why Checking Your Social Media Marketing Metrics Is Important

Regarding social media metrics, it's essential to shift the focus away from page likes and followers. While engaging with your audience creates connections, it translates into revenue. Organically, in the past, it was a true measure of activity because people would like or engage with your posts. However, with the increased scrolling, this is not necessarily the case anymore.

We often become overly fixated on superficial metrics, which don't contribute to what you really need, which is traffic to your website.

Many entrepreneurs running their businesses or having a marketing department need to be aware of this, which can lead to frustration and wasted time. Your goal is to have genuine web visitors, also known as traffic, to drive sales. The ultimate goal is to guide your social media visitors through a funnel to your website.

A common misconception is that many page likes or followers automatically generate the traffic required for sales. However, this is different.

One social media metric is worth tracking, as it directly leads to the traffic needed to generate sales for any business. That is your monthly social media reach and focus on its growth.

"Reach" is an important metric because it is directly affected by timing (when is your audience most active?) and content (what does your audience find valuable in your post?).

This metric measures the number of unique users who have seen your post since it was published. Posting times are very important and can greatly impact your social media reach. It's not just about how often you post but also about posting at times when your audience is most active and on important days of the week. You can analyze all the data you want, but if you don't understand what your audience needs or wants, you're wasting both posting time and content.

To increase this measurement beyond organic reach, you will need to reinvest in your social media by creating ads targeting your audience, which requires spending money.

Your social media may not directly impact your business
Your social media may not directly impact your business

If you don't know that every month, about 1-2% of your audience will visit your website for free, and 1-2% of those visitors will purchase. That means you must make your website on point with a clear CTA (Call To Action) for potential buyers. You have to give them a reason to pick up the phone, fill out the contact form, or purchase directly from your website.

You can't focus only on social media platforms because they are continuously changing, with updates, algorithm changes, and new features constantly being added. The times are changing. Your social media may not directly impact your business, but your website is the one platform you can count on. The one thing that I have learned in this business for over 25 years is that a website represents the company, but social media is the branding resource.

Even if every social media platform provides some native analytics data, they are not offering you the insights you need for the most vital metrics. That's why comparing your information in your Google Analytics is one way to check your numbers.

This method works regardless of your number of followers. That's why it's important to set goals and understand what is effective in your marketing efforts instead of fixating on page likes and follows.

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